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Healing Remedy Bags

Healing Remedy Bags
  • Each Healing Remedy Bag is designed and created by Tammy Barton and Sheri Woxland
  • Sheri and Tammy studied the healing properties of each crystal and essential oils used in each of Healing Remedy Bags
  • Find the Healing Remedy Bags that are right for you and enjoy shopping
  • Please keep in mind that our healing remedy bags are not to be replaced by your regular medications for medical conditions or diagnosis purposes. 
  • Shipping and handling are included in the price
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Grounding and Clarity
Includes the healing gemstones: Tiger Eye- for clarity of intention, Hematite for aiding balance and..
Includes these healing gemstones: Citrine to help balance the hormones, Hematite to harmonize the mi..
Includes Kyanite, which helps connect you to spirit guides, Clear Quartz, which helps raise you vibr..
Muscle Relaxer
Includes the healing gemstones Citrine, to enhance physical vitality, Tiger Eye, to balance muscles ..
Includes the gemstones Amethyst to help protect from stress and negativity, Carnelian to help with e..
Relieve, Relax and Calm
Includes the healing gemstones Amethyst, to help calm the mind, Rose Quartz to relax your emotions, ..
Repiratory Remedy
Includes the healing gemstones Amethyst to help heal the respiratory system, Green Aventurine workin..
The Four Elements
Includes the healing gemstones Green Aventurine, earth element, for relieving tension, helps with gr..
Tummy Trouble
Includes the healing gemstones Sodalite, which helps relax the digestive system, Carnelian, which he..