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  • All artwork is taken from the original artwork and photography of Tammy Barton and Sheri Woxland
  • All artwork is signed by the artist
  • Colors may vary within each unique piece of artwork
  • Select the image to see a larger picture of the piece
  • Shipping and handling are included in the price
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I Am Beautiful, Smart, Sexy, Healthy and Divine
Yes you are!!!!  Embrace it, live it and love yourself!!  Available unframed for $30.00 or signed, m..
I Am Healthy, Weathly and Wise
This artwork was inspired and created for a friend, who embraced and said this beautiful saying ever..
I Am Unique, Powerful, Amazing, Geniune and Talented
Embrace your life to the fullest with this beautiful work of art, that is all about you!!Available u..
Here's a beautiful reminder to be mindful in how you treat those around you.  The vibrant colored ba..
Love is in the air with beautifully painted accents of shimmering gold and silver embraced in an eve..
Love is You
This piece was designed and painted for a dear friend of mine in Portland, Oregon. She is a true rep..
Namaste ~ The Divine in me honors the Divine in you. The Divine connection flows through us and in a..
Nature Does Not Hurry
So simple of a phrase, but yet so deep and profound.  Much of our society has embraced the philosoph..
Never Close Your Lips
This whimsical design of vibrantly painted strips of paper, conveys a heart felt saying of keeping y..
Ocean of Love
With a beautiful blue ocean background, this heart of gold is bound to send you sailing into a sea o..
Take time to enjoy the sunset, beautiful blue mountains and reflections in the calm, relaxing waters..
River and Rain
River and Rain is created from an original hand carved wood block print.  I love the nature of water..
Road to Tranquility
A beautiful landscape filled with warm and inviting colors to help you find your 'peace' of tranquil..
Seeds of Life
Seeds of Life was inspired by and created for the cover art for Evolving Magazine ~ Guide for Consci..
Shaman's Healing
Shaman's Healing was inspired from the multi-dimensions from which Shamans do their healing work.  Y..