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Healing Gemstone Bracelets

Healing Gemstone Bracelets
  • Each healing gemstone bracelet was designed by Sheri Woxland, and hand made by Sheri and Tammy Barton.  
  • All bracelets are 7.5" unless requested otherwise.
  • These bracelets are named for their health and spiritual properties.
  • Shipping and handling are included in the price
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Body Detox Bracelet - Red Jasper
Red Jasper: An excellent worry bead, calming the emotions. Helps dreams recall and cleans and stabil..
Body Medicine - Labradorite
Labradorite: Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts brings messages from the unconscious mind to the..
Breath Easy Bracelet - Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye: Enhances protection, clear thinking and personal empowerment. Strengthens will power. Eff..
Clear Thinking Bracelet - Tiger Eye and Jade
Tiger Eye: Enhances protection, clear thinking and personal empowerment. Strengthens will power. Ja..
Emotional Balancing Bracelet - Amethyst, Snow Quartz, & Green Aventurine
Amethyst: Balances out highs and lows, promoting emotional centering. Alleviates sadness and grief. ..
Faith Bracelet - Amethyst and Red Czech glass bead
Designed by Joan Barton - Breast Cancer SurvivorThe bracelet comes with a card saying:“Now faith is ..
High Energy Bracelet - Bloodstone and Lapis Lazuli
Bloodstone: Energy cleanser and immune stimulator. Calms the mind, dispels confusion and enhances th..
Higher Self Bracelet - Amethyst
Amethyst rectangle gemstones with multicolored glass beads: Balances out highs and lows, promoting e..
Hormonal Balancing - Moonstone
Moonstone: Calms stress and stabilizes the emotions, balances the hormonal system and fluid imbalanc..
Immune Booster Bracelet - Moss Agate
Moss Agate: Refreshes the soul and enables you to see the beauty in all you behold. Attracts abundan..
Prosperity Bracelet - Malachite
Malachite: Assists with healing loyalty, healing dreams, emotional maturity, leadership ability and ..
Speak Freely Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli: Stone of truthfulness. Strengthens mind and body. Provides total awareness, strengthen..
Strength and Protection Bracelet - Mahogany Obsidian
Mahogany obsidian: It grounds and protects, gives strength in times of need, and eliminates energy b..