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Chakra Jewelry & Gifts

Chakra Jewelry & Gifts
  • Our love for the chakra system is available to you from our variety of hand picked inspirational gifts incorporating semi precious gemstones and crystals that are connected with each of the seven main chakras:  root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.  
  • Choose the gifts that are perfect for you and for your friends and loved ones and have fun shopping.    
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Amethyst Chakra Pendulum
Amethyst: Balances out highs and lows, promoting emotional centering. It helps alleviate sadness and..
Angel Hands with Chakra Gemstones
Angel Hands with chakra gemstones ~ Each semiprecious gemstone represents one of the colors of the s..
Be Free - Chakra Gemstone Bracelet or Necklace
Semiprecious gemstones in each of the chakra colors with a silver charm saying, 'Trust In Your Dream..
Black Onyx Chakra Pendulum
Black Onyx is one of the most powerful protection stones.  By absorbing negative energies, it allevi..
Bloodstone Chakra Pendulum
Bloodstone helps eliminate confusion and enhances decision making.  It helps strengthen the immune s..
Carnelian Chakra Pendulum
Carnelian is an energy booster.  It promotes ambition and confidence bringing serenity and stability..
Chakra Banner
This beautiful 12”x 60”cotton banner displays the colors, lotus flowers, and ancient sanskrit symbol..
Chakra Crystal Set
Each of the 7 semiprecious gemstones represents the colors and energies of the chakras.  Polished se..
Chakra Gemstone - Gratitude Bead Necklace
Chakra Gemstone Gratitude Bead Necklace – Semiprecious gemstones representing the 7 chakras make up ..
Chakra Gemstone Bracelet
Chakra Gemstone Bracelet - Each semiprecious gemstone represents one of the colors of the seven chak..
Chakra Gemstone Bracelet with Clear Quartz Pendant
Chakra Gemstone Bracelet with Clear Quartz Pendant - Semiprecious Gemstones in a variety of shapes a..
Chakra Gemstone Pyramid Pendulum
Chakra Gemstone Pyramid Pendulum – This pendulum has a stone layer for each of the 7 colors of the c..
Clear Quartz Chakra Pendulum
Clear Quartz Chakra Pendulum – Clear Quartz is a power stone.  It is connected with the 7th chakra a..
Moonstone Chakra Pendulum
Pendulum with Moonstone Gemstone and Chakra gemstones in the chain.  Moonstone helps promote serenit..
Rose Quartz Chakra Pendulum
Pendulum with Rose Quartz Gemstone and chakra gemstones in the chain.  Rose quartz helps in creating..